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lap swim

Designed for swimmers with varying ability levels in the pool. Workout at your own pace while boosting your endurance level and cardiovascular health!

deep water aerobics

Doing a combination of swimming and aerobics with low impact on your joints. (Deep End)

shallow water sculpt

This medium intensity workout is designed to work on toning and strength. It utilizes multiple repetitions and water resistance with various workout equipment. (Shallow end with option to do deep end)

aquatic boot camp

This is a high intensity workout designed to lift the heart rate and burn calories. (Shallow End)

open fit fun

Open Activity in the pool geared towards a more social and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for all ages (6 months - 99)!

Aqua chi

This class is based on Ti Chi. It is often called “meditation in motion” because of its slow, graceful movements. The class is designed to help with balance while promoting proper breathing.

water walking

This is a great time to do your own workout. Start off slowly and gradually increase your duration and intensity.

Senior water fitness

This is a low impact workout designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and effective way for patrons of all fitness levels. It increases flexibility and balance. (Shallow End)

evening aerobics

This is a medium intensity class using the weight of your body with the resistance of the water. (Shallow End)

swim lessons

These classes are offered to anyone that would like to learn how to swim. All ages welcome. Pre-registration is required. Swim lessons are four lessons per session and are offered during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Swim lessons are scheduled every Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm. For dates and times please see a posted schedule click here. To register, please use this registration form. 

private swim lessons

Perfect for people of all ages! One on one instruction. See a Lifeguard for details or call 989-354-8287 for more information.


Using a beachball instead of a volleyball in the water can be more difficult than it looks! This hour is designed for pure enjoyment surrounded by laughter with your friends!

birthday party rentals

Great for the swimmer and non-swimmer. Try a Birthday Party at the Plaza Pool and have your very own private pool party or share your birthday fun with everyone! Parties must be pre-booked. Call for more information and available times.

cardio mix up

Instructor’s Choice A Cardio workout to include anything from H.I.I.T., Tabata, equipment circuit, etc. (Mostly Shallow End)

Water h.i.i.t

High Intensity Interval Training! Alternating short periods of intense or explosive water aerobic exercise with brief recovery periods. (Shallow End)

open swim

Activities take place in either the shallow or deep end of the pool. There are basketball hoops and small slide in shallow end for open swim. Those wishing to use the deep water or Fun Run need to demonstrate swimming skills. A lifejacket will be provided to children wishing to use the Fun Run but unable to pass the swim test.

Aqua combat

An explosive, aqua cardio combat workout that will have you punching, kicking, and rebounding like a pro! Gain muscular strength, endurance, and coordination.

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