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Aqua Interval Challenge

Aerobic activities mixed with high-energy anaerobic training. Easy to follow, challenge your workout and improve overall fitness! Tuesday 5:45pm-6:30pm

Aqua Chi

This class is based on Tai Chi. It is often called “meditation in motion” because of its slow, graceful movements. The class is designed to help with balance while promoting proper breathing. (Shallow End) Tuesday & Thursday 8-9am

Aqua Surge

Feel the surge of power in water! Body sculpting with or without equipment. Utilize a variety of tools to target all muscles groups. (Shallow end with option to do deep end) Tuesday & Thursday 9-10am

Cardio Splash

Use the resistance of the water to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility. (Shallow End) Wednesday 7:45-8:30pm

Cardio Mix-up (instructor's Choice)

A Cardio workout to include anything from H.LI.T., Tabata, equipment circuit, etc. (Mostly Shallow End) Monday 7:45-8:30pm

Deeply Fit (Athletes & Beginners)

Take the Plunge! Deep-water running and traveling with aerobic moves guaranteed to challenge your body, your core muscles, and your stamina. (Deep End only with water belts) Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30-9:30am

Senior water fitness

This is a low impact workout designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and effective way for patrons of all fitness levels. It increases flexibility and balance. (Shallow End) Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30-9:30am

Water Works

Cardio workout with equipment for added resistance. (Mostly Shallow End) Friday 7:45-8:30am


Using a beach ball instead of a volleyball in the water can be more difficult than it looks! Designed for pure enjoyment surrounded by laughter with your friends! Mon/Wed/Fri 9:30-10:30a, Thursday 5:45-7:30pm & Saturday 10-11:30am

Water Walking

This is a great time to do your own workout. Start off slowly and gradually increase your duration and intensity. Mon/Wed/Fri 10-11am Tuesday 6:30- 7:30pm & Saturday 10:30-12pm


Designed for swimmers with varying ability levels in the pool. Workout at your own pace while boosting your endurance level and cardiovascular health! Mon/Wed/Fri 6-730am Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri 11-12pm Tues 630-730pm & Saturday 9-10am

Open Fit Fin

Open Activity in the pool geared towards a more social and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for all ages (6 months-99)! Tues/Thurs 10-11am & Thursday 5:45- 730pm

Open Swim

Activities take place in either the shallow or deep end of the pool. There are basketball hoops and a small slide in shallow end for open swim. Those wishing to use deep water need to demonstrate swimming skills. Children 6 and under need to be within arm’s reach of an adult. Friday 4:30-6:30pm & Saturday 12-2pm

Group Lessons

from Infant/Toddler (adult required in the pool) and Levels 1-6 teaching swimming skills and water safety. (One night a week for 6 weeks) Monday &
Wednesday 530-8pm

Private Lessons

All levels and ages, one-on-one instruction, 30 minutes. Call to 989-354-8287 inquire. Times Vary.

Independent Adult Fitness

Exercise at your own pace with or without equipment. We have equipment available or you can bring your own. Adults (18+) only.

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