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1.  The Alpena County Plaza Pool prides itself in offering a safe, positive, friendly environment and experience for all patrons. All patrons purchasing memberships are required to sign a liability waiver. The liability waivers are to be updated yearly. 

2.  Patrons rinse off before entering the water. Social swimmers that are not immersing their heads are not required to wash their hair.

3.  Street shoes are not allowed in the area behind shower.

4.  Glass containers are not allowed in the area behind the pool.

5.  Children under the ages of 6 require an adult in the pool within arm's reach.

6.  Instructions are given by the lifeguards to ensure safety. Patrons must follow facility rules at all times. 

7.  Diving is only allowed at the deep end.

8.  No running or horseplay. Horseplay includes flips, spins or twists from the pool edge.

9.  Adverse behavior including but not limited to profanity, disruptive behavior and intoxication will result in removal from the pool.

10.  Alpena Plaza Pool reserves the right to ask a swimmer to perform a swim test. The swim test will consist of the following: 1. Being able to swim on top of water vs swimming under water by one of the following: Abdomen crawl stroke or breast stroke, from the shallow end to deep end of the pool, 1 time without touching the sides or bottom of the pool. The lap test may include but is not limited to observation of “out of the water arm recovery”, rhythmic breathing and no stopping to rest during the test. Staff of the Alpena County Plaza Pool reserves the right to fail any patron who does not demonstrate safe and consistent swimming behaviors.

11.  During lap swims patrons are to execute proper abilities and exercises in appropriate moderate or distance sections. Lap swimming etiquette rules must be followed in the circle swimming lanes. Etiquette rules are posted on the shallow end of the pool wall.

12.  All patrons with children that are not toilet trained are to adhere to the fecal matter and diaper policy.

13.  All equipment that is used during any program must be returned to its original location.

14.  The Alpena Plaza Pool prides itself in meeting all community members’ needs. Anyone entering the property of the Alpena County Plaza Pool must adhere to the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Participants should be able to physically and mentally perform the function required by the activity. If not do them to the best of your ability, and at your own risk. Please refer to our safety policy for clarification.

Fecal Matter Policy:

Diaper Rule: Children that are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers, available for purchase at Walgreens, Walmart and other local retailers.

An elastic waist and leg banded plastic protection pant can be worn over a diaper and is an accepted form of protection.

At no time is just a diaper considered an acceptable form of swim wear or protection.

In the event that a fecal accident should occur responsible parties will be charged a $100.00 disposal and clean-up fee.

Alpena County Pool Procedures:


1.  If the patron is a member,  they must swipe in using the membership card provided for them.


2.  Specific pool parking is available in designated areas, is required. Handicap parking is available and is indicated by blue cub lines. At no time is parking in front of yellow lines or ambulance parking allowed. Vehicles in violation may be towed.


3. The Alpena County Plaza Pool is not responsible for lost or damaged articles. A padlock is recommended to ensure the safety of individual belongings. Locker rentals are available for $5.00 per month.


4.  The lost and found basket is located in the lifeguard office. Plaza pool staff are not responsible for locating a lost item or addressing lost-and-found concerns.

5.  All information concerning scheduling, program descriptions, pricing, or registrations can be found on our website or facebook page.


The Alpena County Plaza Pool is open most days!  

1.  If there are school closings or delays, please check our facebook page for the most current information.


2. Pool closures, unexpected and planned, will be posted on our facebook page.

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